Palestinian Twitter user @GHINA recently decided to start a conversation on the social media platform about Arab men. 

She asked: "why'd the Arab man cross the street?" and as you can imagine people responded with humor, sarcasm and savagery. 

Starting with argileh ... because #PRIORITIES

With "argileh" comes a 10-minute Snapchat series

For the love of a classic (aka cliche) photoshoot

Cologne. Do not ever forget cologne.

Whenever there is an argument, there is an Arab man

FALAFEL. Need we say more?

Crossing roads for dabke ... blocking roads for dabke

Some women shot down Arab men with pure sarcasm

A LOT of sarcasm

More like never ending sarcasm


Hypocritical much?

Shaming him for catcalling ...

Simply put: Arab men and broken hearts go hand in hand