Social media has the power to expose many people's ignorant views, but thankfully, the enlightened are always there to set the facts straight.

So, when Laura Loomer, a Jewish American right-wing journalist, said that Palestinians do not exist, Twitter users made sure to correct her ridiculously uneducated claim.

"There is no such thing as a Palestinian," Loomer tweeted

Her tweet came in response to an Al-Jazeera post concerning the recent attacks in Jerusalem, during which three Palestinians and two Israeli officers were killed.

Loomer went on to explain her claim, tweeting, "Arabs. They are simply Arabs."

Tweeps came out in all force to teach her some history

She needs some serious geography lessons too

Here's some hard proof

Does this scenario ring a bell?

Our grandparents are decades older than Israel ... just saying

Some chose to reply with sarcasm

"I'm from the General Vicinity of Agrabah"

What's with the hand emojis?

Of course, Salt Bae made an appearance

Gordon Ramsey's savage reactions came in handy

Loomer was raised in Arizona by a Jewish father who taught her to identify as "ethnically, culturally and politically Jewish".

She calls herself a "rebel commentator" and says her "journalistic passions" include anti-Semitism and the "Islamification of the West"

She has spoken out against Islamic Sharia law, partaking in an anti-sharia march in June 2017.