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Israelis and many Westerners often deny the existence of a Palestinian state, but Arabs - on the other hand - live to make statements regarding the legitimacy of the state of Israel. 

Israel - which was established in 1948 - has stolen land and claimed it to be its own. Time and again, people have called out the country because its mere existence is illegal. 

An Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, has taken the colonization a step further. In a recently published article, the newspaper referred to shawarma as "the iconic Israeli street food."

But, naturally, Arabs just won't let it slide because, let's face it, shawarma is ours ... and so people mocked the claim in the most savage way possible. 

"As if colonizing land isn't enough"

"When will the culinary appropriation stop?"

"Zionism has no limits"

This is what happens when you "STEAL A WHOLE COUNTRY"

Sarcasm, sarcasm & more sarcasm

Mockery won the conversation

"Israel even occupies food"

One word: "THIEVES"

"Is there anything those thieves won't steal?"

"Your streets didn't exist until 50 years ago"

"What is Israel?"

P.S. There is no such thing as Israeli food

Fact: "Shawarma existed before Israel"

Just ... NO.