Rihanna and her Saudi bae were spotted getting up close and personal in Spain last week ... and the news quickly spread like wildfire. 

Many responded to the news with surprise, considering the two come from completely different backgrounds. 

But, little do people know that Rihanna could easily blend in with us Arabs. If you need a little more proof, here's how we think Riri al-Arabiya would roll: 

1. Her most popular songs would have quite a different vibe

2. Arab instruments would dominate her songs ... and it would sound so natural

3. Her album covers would be all about the bling

4. She would launch her own abaya line called "Riribaya"

Source: Pinterest

5. She would collaborate with Fifi Abdou and host a belly dancing party

6. Shisha would become her signature muse

Source: Pinterest

7. Blending with hijabis would require no effort

Source: Pinterest

8. Rihanna would dress as EXTRA as Arab women when attending events

9. And her Twitter account would be lit ... in Arabic