Egypt can be a bit of a cultural shock to people. It's one of those places that will both amaze and confuse you.  

For us locals, it's definitely a love-hate relationship. For foreigners, it's a whole different story. 

Here are some of the major things that are sure to confuse anyone new to the world of Egypt: 

1. It starts with our English

I can't say we have the most understandable English, but we're doing just fine.

2. We call one another "bi2a" as an insult

We constantly misuse the word "bi2a" (environment) when we want to offend someone. 

3. That painfully awkward moment when you realize that our traffic is sheer chaos

There isn't much to do about our lovely traffic. Honestly speaking, it may even induce a fight or flight response. 

4. You will not understand where all these people are coming from

The sight of the moving waves of an enormous sea of humans can be very overwhelming to people from not-so-crowded countries. 

So, it's only normal to wish for a hoverboard. 

5. You'll ask yourself: When do they go to sleep?

Big cities are full of life 24/7. 

Besides, what is sleep other than a waste of time? 

6. Motorcycles on the sidewalk

Imagine walking on the sidewalk only for a motorcycle to overtake you. Seriously,  it's the stuff of nightmares! 

7. Pedestrians are everywhere except the sidewalk

Sidewalks are crammed with parked cars, chairs and tables of coffee shops, and as mentioned above, random motorcycles. 

So please walk somewhere else. 

8. Drivers exchanging money in the middle of the road

It's totally normal to find two drivers slowing down to exchange money and get change. Totally. 

9. "Howa allak feen?" is our favorite answer when we're asked for directions

If you get lost and dare ask us for directions, you'll be blessed with a more confusing answer, "where did he tell you the place is exactly?"

We know that you have no idea, but we will throw it at you anyway. 

10. Chewing gum is a form of currency

Yup, a refreshing currency - that's for sure. 

11. There is no such thing as a 'full bus'

Even after the buss's seats are full, the driver will still find a way to take in extra passengers because the more the merrier! 

We, as locals, have a hard time dealing with this, so it's totally understandable to see foreigners panicking at the sight!