Jordan's Crown Prince, Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, has been breaking the internet, one Instagram post at a time

Things weren't so different this week, when he uploaded footage of himself getting a water salute after completing his first helicopter solo training session. 

The salute is a tradition used "to honor military veterans, foreign dignitaries and new airline service," and therefore marks a milestone in the young royal's life. 

While it remains unclear when the footage was shot, the video capturing the salute has gone viral and it's pretty cool... to say the least. 

A water bucket thrown at the royal took the internet by storm

And sent his fans into a meltdown

"I've never seen anything more beautiful." 

The meltdown was just too real

"I love him." 

"Ya jamalak"

So real, some wanted to turn into water

"I wish I was the water."

Just one drop of water

"I wish I were a single drop of water." 

Or even a bucket

"I wish I were the bucket." 

"I wish I were his wife"

"May no one other than you ever have showers"

Reactions to the footage were just out of this world

"A royal shower"

"Na3iman your highness"

"Alf mabrook"

Watch the full water salute below: