A few weeks ago, Emirates Airline announced a number of Open Day Recruitment dates which would be held at several different locations and countries in March and April.

On Friday, one of those confirmed dates happened to be in Dubai. The UAE-based airline invited potential employees to apply for a number of positions and join their existing cabin crews.

"Come to the location in person with your CV and one photograph," the information on one of the recruiter's website read.

Thousands of people gathered in Dubai and queued up for hours in hope to secure employment with one of the best airlines in the world. To say it seemed rather chaotic is surely an understatement.

Here is what it looked like...

WATCH: Unbelievable scenes at Emirates Cabin Crew Open Day Recruitment 2018 in Dubai

Some of the candidates even slept at nearby locations to be first in line!

Most people just couldn't believe what they had witnessed

There is only one expression that can sum this up...