A video capturing a Saudi man rescuing a young teenage schoolgirl from being kidnapped in Assir governorate's Abha sparked quite the meltdown on social media over the weekend. 

The incident took place last week and saw the man, now identified as Talal Al Shaharani, save the girl after he followed her kidnapper, took videos of his car plate, and reported the matter to authorities. 

Speaking to Al Arabiya, Al Shaharani shared details of the kidnapping, saying: 

"The girl was standing outside her school when I noticed a man convincing her to get in the car. I felt something wasn't right about the situation and decided to follow the vehicle. Then I saw the girl looking through the rear window, pleading for help." 

"I called authorities and kept following the car until they arrived," he added. 

Soon after he reported the incident, authorities were able to stop the car and rescue the victim. The kidnapper has since been arrested. 

The video went completely viral on Saudi Twitter

The short footage shot by Al Shaharani captures him closely tracking the kidnapper's vehicle. 

It went completely viral all over social media after it was uploaded to Twitter over the weekend. 

Many hailed Al Shaharani as a hero

"Good on you, hero." 

"Kafoo ya abou Saad"

"There's still good here"

"Mashallah, these are the people who deserve to be honored"

Authorities have since honored Al Shaharani's heroic act

Source: Al Arabiya

Just days after the incident, the head of Abha's police department, General Saleh Al Qarza'i, honored Al Shaharani, hailing him for his brave act and rewarding him for saving the girl's life.