dubai vs london cost of living comparison

Choosing the ideal place to live - be it within the country you currently reside in or abroad - can be hard and extremely time-consuming. There are several important factors one needs to take into consideration before moving, including rental, food, and petrol prices, as well as childcare and transportation costs.

Dubai, for example, is well-known for its high rents but low public transportation cost. But how does Dubai compare to the cost of living in London? 

Let's take a look at the figures below, compiled by Numbeo, a global crowd-sourced database of reported consumer prices.

How much will it cost to eat out at a restaurant?

"Living in London can be very expensive. People who come here from Gulf countries often forget the fact that you pay VAT on absolutely everything in this part of the world," Ahmed Al Braiki, an Emirati student who currently lives in London, told StepFeed.

Surprisingly, in London, water is nearly three times more expensive than in Dubai

Would you pay 50 dirhams for a pack of cigarettes in London?

Understandably, other widely-desired beverages such as wine and beer seem to be much cheaper in the city of London than in Dubai.

Dubai is known for its affordable means of transportation

"I moved from London to Dubai a year ago. I take the metro to work every day and the low public transport prices never fail to amaze me," Andy Davis, who currently works as a project manager, told StepFeed.

What about childcare?

Although the annual rates for private international schools in London seem extremely high, unlike the UAE, free alternative public school places are available to every child, regardless of social status, nationality, race, religion, or gender, and is often the preferred option chosen by many parents in the UK.

Would you rather buy/rent an apartment in Dubai or London?

Most importantly, what about salaries?

Based on data submitted by users on Numbeo, on average, London is much more expensive than Dubai