On Sunday, Dubai-based Emirates Airlines unveiled their latest redesigned Boeing 777 aircraft, including the highly anticipated new first class private suites inspired by none other than Mercedes-Benz.

The design philosophy of Mercedes-Benz, in partnership with Emirates, will bring together two major brands renowned for luxury, innovation, and comfort.

With sliding floor to ceiling doors and sleek design features inspired by the S-Class, the UAE-based carriers' new suites takes luxury and privacy to the next level. The fully-enclosed spacious private suites will offer up to 40 square feet of personal space each.

The two brands initially met in 2014 when a team from Emirates was invited to meet top Mercedes-Benz designers at a design workshop at Woburn Abbey in the UK.

WATCH: New Emirates first class private suites

"This is the first time an Emirates product has been so influenced by another luxury brand, but it is a natural fit as both Emirates and Mercedes-Benz have the same unwavering commitment to fine detail, uncompromising quality, and a drive to push the boundaries," said Sir Tim Clark, Emirates’ President of Emirates, at the Dubai Airshow press conference.

Sheikh Mohammed visited the new "game-changing" first class suite at Dubai Airshow today

Fully enclosed private suites

Zero-gravity position

The soft leather seat in the new first class cabin reclines into a fully flat bed and can be placed in a “zero-gravity” position inspired by NASA technology, giving a feeling of relaxation and weightlessness. 

The roomy suites also have enough space for passengers to change in the privacy of their suites even after the bed has been made.

First class suite with virtual windows

Rather than ordinary windows, Emirates is introducing the industry’s first virtual windows, which project the view from outside the aircraft using real-time camera technology.

First class dining

Amongst the other features included are 2,500 channels of on-demand entertainment on a 32-inch Full HD LCD TV screen, a personal minibar for drinks and snacks, and on-demand service with a selection of the finest cuisine prepared by gourmet chefs and some of the most exclusive wines, champagnes, and spirits in the world...

The Ghaf tree motif

An artistic motif representing the Ghaf tree is used as a design highlight throughout the aircraft. An indigenous evergreen plant, the Ghaf is considered the national tree of the United Arab Emirates and has deep cultural and ecological significance.

The business class cabin

There is good news for business class customers too. The cabins will be upgraded with a personal minibar, privacy panels, and seats with a 72-inch pitch that can move into a fully flat sleeping position...

The economy class cabin

In the economy class, each in-seat screen will feature ultra-wide viewing angles, a capacitive touchscreen, LED backlight, and full HD display.

Emirates announces $15.1 billion order for 40 Boeings

Earlier today, at the Dubai Airshow, Emirates also revealed a provisional order for 40 Boeing 787-10 jetliners worth a staggering $15.1 billion.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of Dubai Civil Aviation and Chairman and CEO of Emirates Airline, said the Gulf carrier had chosen the latest version of Boeing’s mid-sized wide-body jet after comparing it with the Airbus, according to Gulf News.

The delivery of the new planes is expected to begin in 2022, Sheikh Ahmed added.

Passenger traffic to and from the Middle East is expected to grow 5.9 percent until 2036, beating the world average of 4.4 percent, according to Airbus projections.