Over the weekend, a Khaleeji Snapchat celebrity decided that the best way to celebrate Eid with his fans was by throwing money at them.

Not only that, he also had the moment captured on camera, filming his followers - who were gathered in the lobby of a hotel where he was staying - pushing and shoving to catch one of the bills. 

According to multiple Saudi news sites, the incident went down in a popular hotel located in Al Qaseem over the Eid weekend and came after the celebrity took to Snapchat to invite his fans to the hotel's lobby.

Despite speculation, the social media celebrity involved remains unconfirmed.

Footage capturing the event has since gone viral and it hasn't gone down well with thousands who criticized the star's actions, labeling them shameful and degrading.

The footage outraged thousands...

The video sparked intense backlash online, with many even calling on authorities to take action against those involved in the incident. 

Amid the online uproar, a source said the event was not sponsored by the hotel or its management and was initiated by the celebrity and a group of his friends.

People were left upset by the incident...

"This is shameless and so embarrassing." 


"The money was supposed to be a Eid gift, but he completely failed at giving it out in a proper way"

Others were angered by it...

"I swear this is disgusting, they're fighting over a bit of money." 

"Got extra money? Do something good with it"

"Instead of humiliating those who made you famous."

Some just really couldn't even...

"How has it gotten to this!!! I can't even comment." 

A few were shocked Al Doghairi could be behind this...

"This is Osama Al Doghairi, I've been following him for a long time and I am surprised to see him do this because he's such a respectable man who's specialized in training wild animals... it's wrong what you're doing here Osama!!!" 

"An insecure human being... and deprived people"

"There should be a law that criminalizes the misuse of fame"

"They should be held accountable"

"The way he did this is beyond humiliating and laughing at people while he did it is just disrespectful. It's true that money doesn't improve one's intellect."