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In support of the new law that was issued this month, allowing women within the kingdom to finally drive, Saudi musicians Hasan Hatrash, Khalid Sharani, Amro Hawari and Amir Abbas released a rock anthem titled 'Saudi Girls Will Drive'.

The video begins with two Saudi men sitting in the backseat of an SUV, as a Saudi woman takes the wheel and drives them to a studio where they start their performance. 

The Jeddah-based band 'Most of Us' said that the "whole point was to celebrate the new legislation and the possibilities it brings not only for women but our society as a whole," according to Saudi Gazette

"No more driver, Uber or taxis to take you any place."

The lyrics of the song send words of encouragement to Saudi women, pushing them to take initiative. 

"No more driver, Uber or taxis to take you any place. Like a true Arabian girl, you were born to shine like a pearl. Now it's time to drive, drive me around," the song lyrics say.

"Instead of riding in the backseat, come on over and take the wheel," he adds. 

The song melody is originally taken from "Born To Be Wild" by Steppenwolf. 

most of us saudi band
Jeddah-based band 'Most Of Us' Source: Saudi Gazette

The song visuals are beyond epic!

Celebratory dance moves dominated

People absolutely loved it!

Some people were upset the melody wasn't an original

Others were convinced the song was a parody

"What a way to bring back the song 'born in the wild'"

The band chose to use a tone of "purpose rather than rebellion"

"We wanted to be responsible with our content and message and inspire women to really shine in an independent rather than a rebellious nature," the band told Saudi Gazette

"We were inspired by the national and worldwide attention this decision had garnered, and we felt that it would be nice to support this and have our take on it in a manner that could easily resonate with both local and international audiences. The experience has been fun as is the case with all our videos and performances!"

Watch the EPIC video below: