During his one day visit to Milan on Saturday, Pope Francis dedicated much of his time to those "marginalized by society."

In a video that has been going viral, the Pope is seen visiting families living in one of the city's housing projects, including a Muslim immigrant family from Morocco.

Mihoual Abdel Karim and his family warmly welcome the Pope into their home, offering him traditional sweets, taking a selfie with him and giving him gifts. 

The Pope visited other families, and even blessed an ill elderly woman over the phone. He is also seen visiting the San Vittore prison in the video.

Tolerance, interfaith and reconciliation

The leading themes of Pope Francis' pontificate have been tolerance, interfaith and reconciliation between various sects and religions.

He often uses his public visits and speeches to spread a message of co-existence and peace.  

On 28-29 April, the Pope will be visiting Egypt. His visit comes in response to President Abdel Fatah El Sisi's invitation.

He has also recently received an invitation to visit Lebanon, during President Michel Aoun's visit to the Vatican earlier this month.