London's Muslims want to take over the United Kingdom and force Queen Elizabeth to convert to Islam, American far-right radio show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones said in his show Info Wars last week.

"Muslims in London say Queen Elizabeth has to convert to Islam or leave the country," Jones stated, before showing a CNN clip featuring a British group of Muslim radicals talking about plans to dominate the kingdom. 

According to Jones, this was the group's response to the attack on Westminster Bridge and the House of Parliament on March 22, 2017.

But, media outlets were quick to point out that the CNN video footage actually dates back to 2009.

Jones neglected to tell his audience that he was talking about a radical Islamic group led by a preacher called Anjem Choudary, who made headlines in 2009 for seeking to establish Sharia Law in the United Kingdom.

"The Queen has a choice; she can either become Muslim or she can leave the country," one of the group's followers told CNN when asked about what would happen to Queen Elizabeth if the group takes over the country.

When Jones tweeted a link titled, "Muslims demand the Queen to convert or leave England," which featured a clip from his episode, many Twitter users just did not buy it. They responded to Jones' statements with some hilarious parody tweets:

The Queen has already converted! Mashallah doesn't she look gorgeous in that hijab?

How else would you explain her stay at the Royal Pavilion?

Only the Queen could pull off a crown over a hijab

Welcome to the Islamic Kingdom of Britanistan

Prince Charles went full-on jihadist, apparently

Steve "Sharia" has taken the reins

No need to fly to Saudi Arabia for hajj

There's a strict Islamic dress code in Whales

Oh no, minarets everywhere!

Even celebrities are opting for Islamic names

The Queen's face says it all ... ya allah what is this idiocy?