You know that feeling when you're so desperate to get something done and someone keeps annoyingly interrupting you?

Well, a little Muslim girl practically defined the emotion while epically reacting to her brother interrupting her as she tried to pray along with her father. 

In a video capturing the hilarious incident, the girl's brother is seen trying to playfully interact with her as she's praying. But - not that nor anything else - was about to stop her from completing her salat (Muslim prayers). 

Don't mess with this girls prayer time

Thought this isn't the first time the footage makes the rounds online in recent months, it resurfaced on Thursday, casually garnering millions of views on Twitter. 

The cuteness of the little girl captured people's hearts

Cue the tears

Her dedication impressed people

"The sheer commitment!"

Everyone could relate

"When someone tries to mess with your salah"

Fending off shaytan attacks be like ...

"This is how my mom reads when my siblings are fighting each other"

"Me asking my grandmother for food whilst she praying"

This is everyone's favorite video

Gotta love the internet