Polish Instagram celebrity King Luxy said he was arrested and jailed for two weeks during a recent visit to Kuwait because he looked "too feminine," local newspaper Al Rai reported.  

Luxy said he was arrested at a mall where he was meeting a few of his friends. 

The social media celebrity was handcuffed, taken to the hotel where he was staying, and asked to pack up his belongings. 

He claimed to have heard a police officer saying "they were going to make a man out of him."   

The 19-year-old said he was then taken to a detention center where he was beaten, assaulted, and humiliated throughout the period of his detention. His phone was also confiscated, and his head shaved. 

After he was freed from jail, Luxy was immediately deported. He is now banned from entering the country ever again. 

Gay Star News, an LGBTQ magazine, interviewed Luxy and said they reached out to Kuwaiti authorities for comments but haven't heard back yet. 

Not a first for Luxy

This isn't the first time King Luxy shares claims of arrest and assault in a GCC country.  

Last year, he claimed that he was arrested at the Hamad International Airport upon his arrival to Doha, Qatar. 

Back then, the Instagram celebrity said he was detained for two months before being deported. 

Luxy is deemed a controversial figure on social media and often receives intense backlash from users over images he shares on various platforms. 

Strict rules against cross dressing across the GCC

While King Luxy's story remains unverified, the arrest and deportation of cross dressers or people who belong to the LGBTQ community are far from being uncommon in Kuwait and the GCC. 

The countries impose strict rules and zero tolerance policies when it comes to members of the LGBT community. 

Earlier this year, Kuwait deported 76 homosexuals and shut down 22 massage parlors. 

A few months back, human rights activists from around the world also reported the murder of two transgender Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia.

"Police allegedly killed 35-year-old Amna, and Meeno, 26, both Pakistanis, after raiding a house in Saudi Arabia and arresting 35 transgender people," The Independent wrote at the time. 

In recent months, the UAE also sentenced two Singaporean [assigned at birth] males to a year in prison each for dressing in feminine attire. 

The sentence was later quashed, but they were still deported from the country.