An Asian expat in Saudi Arabia surprised his girlfriend with a marriage proposal that's now going viral across the kingdom. 

The proposal took place at Jeddah's corniche earlier this week and a video capturing it has since gone viral on social media.

In the footage, the man is seen dancing as he approaches his shocked girlfriend. He then gets on one knee and asks her to marry him in front of people who had gathered at the scene. 

The happy occasion caused quite the stir on Saudi Twitter, sparking a heated debate among users, some of whom said the man's actions violated the ultra-conservative kingdom's values and rules. 

Here's how the entire incident played out online: 

It all started when this video went viral...

Sparking a Twitter meltdown of the sorts

A few people were angered by the public proposal

"I am baffled by some people's opinions on this. Regardless of this man's nationality, he must be held accountable over this because what he did violates the kingdom's traditions. If he wanted to propose to this woman, he should've done that in his own home, not in public." 

"They should've respected our country's norms and traditions"

Some even reported it to authorities on social media

Not everyone was upset over the footage though

"They're amazing." 

"They didn't do anything wrong, they didn't harm anyone, they simply expressed themselves..."

"Where's the problem in that?"

Many absolutely loved the entire idea

"May God grant them happiness, their love for each other is beautiful. Stop being so negative (and if you don't like what this man did, just don't comment on it). 

"I wish I was there"

"This man should enter Guinness World Records..."

"He might actually be the first person to have done something like this in Saudi."

"Alf mabrouk!!"