Beards, modest clothing, the word "halal" ... these are just a few things that scare the hell out of Islamophobes, regardless of the context.

Time and time again, they have acted upon their prejudices and failed to put effort into understanding the religion of Islam.

Things were no different late in January when one Twitter user announced he stopped buying Kellogg's products simply because they are labeled as halal, which means they comply with Islamic law.

The U.K.-based Twitter user who goes under the username "Bemused/Amused" drew numerous sarcastic responses after criticizing the American food company for going "team halal".

The user posted a picture of the back of a Special K Protein box, which includes a halal-approved logo, with a caption that reads, "I used to eat Kellogg's, then you went team halal".

In another tweet, the user said he takes issue with halal products since he opposes "the threat and expansion of Islam and Sharia law in the U.K.."

Naturally, people were quick to note the absurdity of his tweet and replied with sarcastic remarks:

Newsflash: Water and air are halal, too

Can someone boycott oxygen?

All those grains were slaughtered humanely by ... cereal killers

People didn't hold back with their sarcasm

"What the halal are you so afraid of?"

He probably didn't know those numbers are Arabic

"I heard Muslims don’t eat paper clips"

Sorry but non-halal breakfast options are quite limited

"What's it like going through life with such a large sense of paranoia?"

Jokes aside, here's what halal really means

Islamophobes are off to a *great* start this year