On Wednesday, 18-year-old Egyptian engineering student, Mariam Mustafa, died after being seriously injured in a brutal attack by a group of 10 British women in Nottingham three weeks earlier. 

The incident stirred wide condemnation from both the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and the Egyptian public. 

Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Ahmed Abu Zeid, mentioned in a statement on Wednesday that the ministry will continue following up on the case until the perpetrators are brought to justice, Egypt Independent reported

The victim's younger sister, Malak Mustafa, told the BBC she had seen some of the women involved in the attack laughing about her sister's coma on Instagram. 

Public attention to the case first came in late February, when Mariam's mother posted a video with the detailed story. The video was broadcast on the Egyptian TV channel Dream at that time. 

The victim's mother said her daughter was brutally beaten and dragged on the ground for about 20 meters by 10 young British black women. No one interfered or helped Mustafa, but she resisted and managed to get up and run towards one of the buses, but they went after her. 

Mustafa begged the bus driver not to let the girls on the bus since they were attacking her. The driver let them on the bus anyway and the girls carried on their attack. 

One young man on the bus tried to help Mustafa, but was also attacked by the group of women. After she passed out, the driver stopped and called an ambulance. 

The mother also added that four months ago, two of the same 10 women attacked her daughter for no specific reason. The family went to the police station and issued an official complaint, but nothing was done about it. 

She added that when the women saw her alone in the street, they attacked her once again on Feb. 20.

Mustafa's mother claimed the assault was racially-motivated, as her daughter didn't know the attackers at all and had never talked to them before. 

A 17-year-old was arrested in the aftermath of the brutal attack and was released shortly afterwards.

Nottinghamshire police replied

In a statement published on Thursday, Nottinghamshire Police reported the arrest of one of the attackers and urged people not to comment "any prejudicial comments on social media as these could place you in contempt of court."

"At this time, from our investigation, there is no information to suggest that the assault was motivated by hate but we continue to keep an open mind," the statement read. 

"We would like to reassure the community that we are treating this incident - as we do all incidents - very seriously and we are working hard to establish the circumstances. We also remain in daily contact with Mariam’s family and are supporting them at this very difficult time."

The death of the young girl sparked outrage in Egypt and the Arab world

The hashtag "Mariam's rights will not be lost" has been trending in Egypt since the announcement of her death. 

Many demanded the perpetrators are brought to justice and called out British media outlets for their delayed coverage of the case. 

People are beyond outraged


"Do we send our children to the UK to come back home in coffins?"

Some are questioning the UK's laws

"Why is British police silent on the murder of this young Egyptian woman?"

"Unfortunately, Arab blood is cheap"

"Condolences from Iraq to Egypt"

"Completely barbaric"

People are appalled, to say the least

Racism and bullying are alive and well in the UK

"Sad that u came to this city to be educated and ended up yet another victim of murder"

Many criticized the British media for its delayed coverage of the girl's murder

Rest in peace Mariam