It's been a busy few days for Dubai Police and the Civil Defence, with several fires breaking out near Dubai Marina. 

While the fires have put some on edge, the brave and quick response of the emirate's emergency responders has proven that they are ready and prepared to handle any crisis. 

Fortunately, no people were injured in any of the recent fires. It's also worth noting that Civil Defence responders made sure to protect and save residents' animals while they fought the blazes.

Watch as one man recounts the harrowing tale of how his pets were saved

The man explains he didn't realize there was a serious fire affecting the building when he evacuated. When he saw the severity of the blaze, he panicked because his small dogs were still inside. 

"I reached out to the first Civil Defence officer that I found and I had told them about the situation," he says in the video.

Heroically, the civil service brought his dogs to safety within less than half an hour.

"Twenty to 30 minutes later, they had told me they had already saved my dogs and they were safe," the pet owner says.

"I absolutely couldn't believe it! Nowhere in the world would such a thing happen at such speed as well as care apart from the UAE." 

The dogs were definitely thankful for the rescue

And Leo and Lisa weren't the only furry friends saved by the civil service

We can all be thankful that the Dubai Civil Defence is looking out for us, and our pets.