Fahad Albutairi - who has been dubbed the "Seinfeld of Saudi Arabia" - is widely known for being the kingdom's first national standup comedian to take to the stage professionally. 

Albutairi recently released a video, poking fun at the traditional ritual Arab weddings cannot do without: the zaffe

We all know the zaffe to be a very intimate moment where the groom walks into the room to take the bride's hand in marriage, as she's seated on the kosha, aka the pimped out couch.

From an outsider's viewpoint, the whole thing looks like rainbows and unicorns. 

In reality, it's not as magical as it seems. 

"Walking the distance to your death sentence ... to get to the kosha," Albutairi says at the start of the video. 

He goes on to explain that it is called 'kosha' because of the amount of 'cash' people throw in the trash to basically live an episode of Game of Thrones for 15 minutes. 

Walking towards the bride (in your head) be like:

Versus reality ... where all hell breaks loose in your mind

Watch the entire video below: