A Macy's costumer in Dallas, Texas, has gone under fire for going on a racist rant after an employee spoke in Arabic with her colleague.

Notably, several customers intervened to defend the employee and call out the man's hostile behavior.

video capturing the incident has been making the rounds on Twitter, where many users expressed their support for the employee.

Footage of the incident, which took place in front of a Michael Kors counter, was shared by a Twitter user who has since made his account private. 

According to media reports, the man was frustrated because the employee was talking to a colleague in Arabic. The dispute reportedly arose after the employee asked the customer to pay an extra charge to gift-wrap the purse he intended to buy.

"The customer was being hostile to the employees because they didn’t wrap his present along with the purchase," the Twitter user who shared the video, identified as Ricky, told the Daily Dot.

"No one had really paid attention to him until he started bringing their language/ethnicity into it which is when a woman came and stood up for the other woman. The man started to threaten to call the police, so I began recording to have evidence that the employee and woman did nothing wrong," he added.

Ricky said there were around 10-12 people standing in support of the employee.

In the video, a female customer can be heard asking the man to respect the employee. She also called him out for refusing to pay an extra "one dollar" for a gift box. 

Another male customer also stepped in, telling the man he had no right to criticize the employees for speaking to each other in Arabic as long as they were not addressing him. 

In response, the man said, "All you Arabs and Democrats, why don't you go back to where you came from?"

Towards the end of the video, the employee told the man to head towards the fragrance department to complete his purchase.

"I cannot see how many Arabs came out of the woodwork," he said as he was leaving. 

A Macy's spokesperson told the Daily Dot in an email they were investigating the incident, stressing that their employees and customers "should be treated with dignity, respect, and kindness." 

Here's how it all went down on Twitter:

People are praising the customers for standing up

"Epic pushback"

Solidarity at its finest

Watching women supporting other women is a sight to behold

"This snowflake melted because the ladies spoke a different language"

Tweeps are trying to identify the man AKA "Gift box Bobby"