Minister of Education Dr. Ahmed Al Eissa Source: Al Mowaten

On Thursday, Saudi Arabia announced its latest royal decree, which included a major cabinet reshuffle.

As part of the changes, Minister of Education Dr. Ahmed Al Eissa was relieved of his position, with Hamad Al Sheikh taking his place. The former minister has now been appointed as a Royal Court advisor and head of Saudi's Public Education Evaluation Commission.

However, people's focus wasn't on that, but more on the fact that Al Eissa will no longer be head of the kingdom's education ministry. 

Thousands of Saudis had previously called on Al Eissa to be replaced over decisions made since being appointed as Minister of Education in 2015.

Some of the controversial orders he issued during his role included an additional activity hour at the end of school days and a reduction in vacation days for teachers.

At the time, his decisions sparked anger amid students and teachers alike, which probably explains why the recent announcement broke the kingdom's Twitter.

Everyone celebrated the news

In pure Saudi style

Zaghroutas were in order

Some were a tad too ecstatic over the news

"I could die of happiness now."


"Students and teachers now"

"This is the best thing that happened to me today"

A few people reminded everyone that Al Eissa was given new positions

"They gave him another position." 

But no one seems to care as long as he isn't Minister of Education

Other changes announced under the new royal decree

King Salman's cabinet reshuffle included several major changes on the former council, which had surpassed its four year term. 

One important decision is the appointment of Ibrahim Al-Assaf as Minister of Foreign Affairs, a position previously held by Adel Al-Jubeir. 

Prince Abdul Aziz bin Turki Al-Faisal was named the chairman of the General Sports Authority in place of Turki Al Al-Sheikh, who has now been appointed as the chairman of the General Entertainment Authority.

Also under the latest changes, "Abdullah bin Bandar bin Abdul Aziz was named Minister of National Guard, and Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Ghofeily was relieved as National Guard advisor."