U.S. President Donald Trump has been called the "most powerful man in the world" but that doesn't mean he can't be the "most powerful man to meme in the world" at the same time. 

His recent speech at the White House - in which he announced his so-called Middle East peace plan (an attempt to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict) - had many pitfalls ... but there was one blunder that really took the cake. 

At some point during his speech, the president started thanking several Arab countries and choked when he got to the United Arab Emirates. The first two words got a smooth passing, but it was the word "emirates" that got butchered into pieces. Trump realized just how bad he fouled up but kept it professional, thinking no one would notice. 

The internet notices everything, it's about time Trump realizes that. 

The memorable gaffe

The internet was quick to notice Trump's struggle with the country's name ... though to be honest, the word "emirates" isn't a tongue-twister at all. 

I mean millions of people travel on Emirates airline and have no problem pronouncing the brand's name. But suddenly when it's coupled with "United Arab" it gets complicated? Or maybe it's just a Trump thing. It probably is just a Trump thing. It definitely is a Trump thing. 

Anyway, Twitter users couldn't help but poke fun at Trump's embarrassing error, especially considering the relations between the U.S. and the UAE. The two countries are not strangers at all, but Mr. President made it seem like it was the first time he said UAE in full. 

Users were hearing all kinds of "United Arab Emirates" replacements. 

The winner of them all: "United Arab Air Mattress"

Accompanied with a photo

Wait, or was he saying "United Arab Ametrus"?

"United Arab airmatress" seems to be what everyone was hearing

The rare few heard "hemorrhages"

Or was it images?

Some piece of advice for next time (if there's a next time)

Some hoped a flying shoe would appear

Others think Trump just wants to compile memes of himself

And well the memes are rolling pretty fast

Like "gif" kind of fast

Stand up comedy's got nothing on Trump