World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) announced on Monday the return of Super ShowDown to Saudi Arabia during WWE's Royal Rumble. 

Super Showdown 2020 is set to take place in Riyadh on Feb. 27 at the King Fahd International Stadium, home to the 2019 Crown Jewel event.

This is only the third annual event of its kind and the second to be held in Saudi Arabia. In June 2019, the second edition took place in Jeddah at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium with wrestling stars Goldberg and The Undertaker headlining the day.

The Super ShowDown is one of the preliminary events to take place before the 36th edition of the show of shows, WrestleMania, in April.

In March 2018, WWE struck a 10-year deal with the Saudi General Sports Authority to hold events in the kingdom. Although some fans were not too happy about this decision, WWE affirmed their commitment to the agreement back in late 2018.

In a statement, WWE divulged that they would continue their operations in Saudi Arabia, just as other U.S.-based companies were doing.

"The Company has decided to uphold its contractual obligations to the General Sports Authority and stage the event," they added.

WWE amplified its partnership with the Saudi General Sports Authority in November. What was initially one event a year in the kingdom for the next decade became two major events a year until 2027.

A seeming success, the 2019 Crown Jewel event made some serious history by landing in the GCC country. However, the aftermath had a number of WWE personnel encounter some difficulties leaving the kingdom. The company later revealed that the aircraft meant to fly the wrestlers and staff back home had run into some mechanical complications.

Between the time personalities expressed their frustrations and the moment the company had issued a statement, rumors began circulating of a monetary dispute between WWE and the kingdom prior to striking a deal. This led to a 20-percent drop in the company's stocks in a single month.