The United Nations Children's Emergency Fund needs $860 million to aid 18 million refugee children in Syria and Yemen.

The organization is urgently looking for humanitarian aid, which was first estimated to be around $800 million. However, the organization later reported a $60 million shortage of humanitarian funding needed for Yemeni children with an estimated 10 million children in need of aid.

"More than $800 million are allocated for humanitarian aid for more than eight million Syrian children affected by the war, while there is shortage in Yemen for about 10 million children who are in need for more than $60 million," Jordan Juliette Touma, a spokesperson at UNICEF, told Asharq Al-Awsat .

Touma then urged the international community to take a step forward and contribute aid, as children in war zones are suffering while the support in the system does not suffice.

“UNICEF urges the international community to constantly support the humanitarian program, highlighting the urgent need for delivering aid to more than 18 million Syrian and Yemeni children in all conflict areas in the countries, at the borders, and in neighboring countries," Touma added .