When people are asked to introduce themselves, the first thing they usually start with is their name. Even though a name barely tells much about its holder, it is the simplest means of representing oneself to the world.

Now imagine living in society where it is shameful to say your name out loud, and where people call you by your eldest son's name. That's exactly how most Middle Eastern women are called out, which is identified by "Umm" (meaning mother of) and a male's name.

For Mother's Day, UN Women, together with IMPACT BBDO Dubai, introduced the campaign "Give Mom Back Her Name" to remind people that there is no shame in a mother's name and that this taboo needs to come to an end.

“A woman’s name should never be associated with shame or embarrassment – this mother’s day, we are reclaiming that space and recognizing women for the incredible individuals they are, not only as the mother of her eldest son,” says Mohammed Naciri, UN Women regional director.

The poignant UN Women's "Give Mom Back Her Name" video features men, alone at first and then with their mothers, sending a powerful message.

The campaign resonated quite well on the different social networks, and many people actively took part on Twitter with the hashtag #MyMothersNameIs.

There were also a few celebrity endorsements.