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Dubai's Crown Prince Court ordered a man to pay back 4.5 million dirhams ($1.2 million) to a woman who gave him the money after he promised to marry her but failed to fulfill his vow, Al Khaleej Online reported.

The verdict came after the woman - an employee at a prestigious company in Dubai - reported the defendant, claiming she gave him the money in installments over two years.

She added that she did so in order to help him improve his financial situation before he married her, as the two had been in a relationship for a while. However, after arriving from a trip abroad, the woman was shocked to receive a card inviting her to his wedding to her colleague.

He and his wife moved into an apartment the woman had paid for

After the man wed, he and his wife moved into a 2.5 million dirham ($680,612) apartment his ex had gifted him. 

In his statement on the case, the general manager of the Crown Prince Court, Hisham Salem Al Qiewani, said investigations corroborated the woman's story.

Even though she couldn't fully prove her relationship with the man, he has been ordered to return all the money she gave to him.

People just can't even with the bizarre case

Some felt the woman was at fault here

"Who gives someone this amount of money."

"She's got money, but no brains"

Others couldn't disagree more

"This man deserves what he got. Being unjust is the worst." 

"He doesn't deserve her"

"If she'd give me this money, not only would I marry her, I'd get pregnant for her"

"How many women have been conned like this and didn't report it?"

"So many similar incidents have been taking place recently and those who report it to authorities are a minority."