CCTV footage allegedly capturing the moment a woman stole a man's vehicle in Saudi Arabia's Al Dammam broke the kingdom's internet earlier this week.

In it, a man is seen leaving his car unattended to pick something up from a store. This is when the woman suddenly appears on screen, rushing towards the vehicle, getting in the driver seat, and driving away. 

The clip was uploaded on Twitter by several of the country's Twitter news pages and has since led to a meltdown of the sorts.  

The video continues to circulate on Saudi Twitter

Some reacted to the video with shock and disbelief, while others speculated its authenticity. 

Here's a little of what people had to say on the trending clip:

"She deserves an award for first female car thief"

People couldn't believe the news

"I don't think she stole it, she's just playing a prank on its owner." 

Some speculated this

"It looks like a guy wearing an abaya."

"It's clear that it's a gang using this woman to steal cars"

Some thought it was all an act

"This is all fabricated, or it could be an act."

"Is there anyone who'd leave their car powered on while they make a run to a store?"