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Saudi Arabia's embassy in Turkey recently issued a warning to its citizens, urging them to be wary of traveling to Istanbul.

This came after two Saudi nationals fell victim to an armed attack in the Turkish city on Saturday. Saudi authorities have since urged citizens in Istanbul to "exercise vigilance and caution" while out in the city.

The two men were attacked and robbed while sitting in a coffee shop in Istanbul's district of Sisli. One of the men was left injured as unidentified gunmen shot at him; both were robbed of their personal belongings. 

In a warning issued by the Saudi embassy in Turkey, authorities advised nationals to avoid certain areas after sunset. 

"The embassy asks male and female citizens, who are present in Istanbul, to exercise vigilance and caution. It also advises against going to the areas of Taksim and Sisli after the sunset," the statement read.

This wouldn't be the first time Saudi authorities advise their citizens to stay on alert in Istanbul. In July, the embassy advised its citizens to keep their belongings stored in a safe space after a number of individuals' passports were stolen.

According to media reports, about 165 Saudi passports were stolen in three Turkish tourist areas in four months. In the first six months of this year, the number of Saudis who visited Turkey decreased by 33.2 percent, according to Al Arabiya. 

In 2017, Saudi Arabia witnessed the tragic loss of seven nationals after a terrorist attack hit Istanbul's Reina night club on New Years Eve. The attack left 39 people dead, with at least 22 nationals from other Arab countries.

Turkey is not the only country Saudi Arabia is warning against

Earlier this year, Saudi women visiting Greece were also warned of a rise in the number of thefts in the country. 

At the time, the Saudi Ambassador to Greece, Essam Beitu Al-Maal, said "the wealthy looks of Saudi women" have made them a target for robbers in areas including Athens. 

Turns out, a similar warning is issued nearly every summer because Saudi women have long been victims of thefts in the area. Several cases of theft among Saudis have also been reported in Greek islands. Robbers usually target apartments rented by vacationers and break into them when they are away.