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Two young Arab men have been found guilty of selling firecrackers without a license and promoting them on social media.

Al Ain Criminal Court of First Instance has ordered the deportation of both GCC men, in addition to paying AED 1,000 fines.

According to Khaleej Times, official court documents stated that police arrested the duo after investigations suggested that they had been promoting the firecrackers on various social media sites including Facebook.

The men, both in their 20s, would then sell the illegal explosives to people who had placed orders online, including children.

Prosecutors charged the men with selling firecrackers without a license and promoting the explosive materials through social media.

Initially, both men had denied the charges when they appeared in court, emphasizing that they were not aware that the sale or promotion of firecrackers on social media and without a license was illegal in the UAE.

"Fireworks can start fires and thus threaten the safety of the members of the community and their property," an Abu Dhabi Police official told a local media outlet.

The official added that fireworks and firecrackers can potentially cause physical damage, and pollute the environment. 

In the past, UAE authorities have continuously warned residents and traders to refrain from selling or buying fireworks and firecrackers without permission as it is against the law.