Source: Al Dostor

An Egyptian couple made headlines earlier this week for getting married in jail - where they met.

Now identified as Walid and Amani, the newlyweds - who are both inmates at a prison located in Egypt's Asiout - got permission to wed in jail from the country's Minister of Interior, Gen. Mahmoud Tawfiq. 

The religious marriage ceremony was attended by their fellow inmates and several prison officials. It was also later announced online by Egypt's Ministry of Interior and is now making the rounds online. 

A love story made in prison

It's now all over Twitter


People loved it

"They set a great example. May God bless their marriage." 

"Alf alf mabrook"

Not the first Arab wedding to be held in prison

This isn't the first time a marriage ceremony takes place in an Arab prison. Last year, the story of a Saudi woman who married her fiancé in a Saudi jail went viral on social media. 

The duo's wedding ceremony was held in one of Bahah city's prisons and came after the groom, who's serving a four-year jail sentence for drug-related activities, got the required approvals from authorities.