After massive confusion over the last few days, it has been confirmed that Egyptian musician Nada Salama is alive.

Several sources close to Salama have confirmed that the musician is alive and that it was her who posted on Facebook Monday evening.

Salama's close friend Ali Qandill, a comedian, has also addressed the issue on Facebook.

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This will be the last post I write related to the fake suicide and the truths that came to life in the past few days. I apologize for losing my temper and disclosing information about people that was private. I had amended the post to delete sensitive information. However, I believe that I reacted the same way anyone would have given the position I was put in. What I did, or rather attempted to do, was clear my name and reputation of any wrong doings. I was not involved in this elaborate scheme of lies.

I found out my best friend died and her death was confirmed by her sister and I acted accordingly. I was in mourning. I was upset I didn’t get to see her, attend the burial or the funeral, and pray for her.

And just for the record, I never said she committed suicide. I was actually trying to fight that rumor. I really do apologize for losing my temper, but the entire ordeal is incredibly unjust and unkind. People’s feelings were truly hurt and a lot were in shock.

May god forgive everyone that was involved. I forgive her, or them (everyone involved) for that matter – I just don’t want to have anything to do with them anymore. Thank you very much.

I really do hope people don’t open this subject again. Thank you and Ramadan Kareem.

After the news of her alleged death spread throughout Egypt Sunday and Monday, Salama posted on Facebook Monday night saying that she was alive but had been hospitalized after several suicide attempts.

While it is unclear exactly what transpired over the weekend, it seems that, based on a series of text messages and online communications that have emerged, Salama's family set off the rumors of her death in an attempt to shield the troubled musician from further public scrutiny.