Editor's Note: Please read our update to this story.

The reported suicide – and subsequent denial of her death – of one of Egypt's rising musicians, Nada Salama, sent shock waves across the country.

Over the weekend, it was reported that Salama had been buried Sunday afternoon in Kafr El Sheikh after an apparent suicide.

However, Monday afternoon, someone posted to her Facebook account, denying that she had died, saying instead that she had been hospitalized after multiple suicide attempts, while offering a bleak outlook for her future.

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The full translation of the post:

StepFeed has reached out to her family for clarification, as several friends of Salama have insisted that the musician did in fact die. We will keep you updated.

Before the weekend reports, the troubled flute player had posted a number of somber social media statuses, which may have hinted at her dark mood. It seems that Salama, who was a regular performer at venues around Cairo, had tried to reach out for help.

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Salama's music is widely acclaimed for a sense of revolutionary hope and resilience, the very hope that the talented flutist appears to have lost in recent days.

She gave a talk at TEDx Tanta in April, telling the audience of how important art was to progress in the world.

Close family and friends of Salama took to Twitter and Facebook on Sunday, following speculation that her sadness over the ongoing political unrest in Egypt.

The hashtag #Nada_Salama  is still trending in Egypt, with fans sending their prayers and condolences to her loved ones.

Depression does not go away with an outing or a talk, nor is it a sign of weakness. Depression is a genuine mental illness that affects millions of lives.

While the circumstances are still very unclear regarding Salama, this is an opportunity to shine light onto mental illnesses and the stigma over addressing the issue in the region.

If you or anyone you know is in need of help to deal with a mental health problem, please seek out professional assistance before it is too late. In Egypt, you can seek help from Ephase for a wide range of mental health issues.