Muslim American lawyer, author, and academic Qasim Rashid never fails to shut down online trolls with responses that are often witty and educational.

The case was no different last week when a Twitter user sent him a photo of a Qur'an on fire in an attempt to offend him. 

In response, Rashid informed the user that his attempt has actually backfired - pun intended - as incineration is, in fact, the method used in Islam to dispose of the holy book.

Rashid shared a screenshot of the message exchange in a tweet that has since gone viral. 

Responding to the photo of a burning Qur'an, Rashid wrote that according to Islamic law, or Sharia, people should discard a Qur'an they no longer need by burning it. 

"So in other words, while trying to offend me, you instead practiced Islamic Sharia in America," Rashid pointed out.

The lawyer continued to poke fun at the troll by adding, "[Extreme DJ Khaled Voice] Congratulations, you played yourself."

Rashid wins over the internet yet again!

That response deserves a standing ovation

"I just learned and laughed simultaneously"

Throwing shade level: 100000

"The grandmaster of clapbacks"


There's no denying that internet trolls can be quite entertaining

The DJ Khaled GIF made an appearance

This is just one of Rashid's many brilliant responses to Islamophobes...

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