Anthony Touma X Jay Wud
Source: Roy Mrad

There’s a little-known fact about Anthony Touma, Lebanon’s pop sensation, that would surprise both his fans and people who know of him. 

The fact? Anthony is a metalhead. Yes, you read that right. An ESP guitar-wielding, Children of Bodom-listening metalhead. 

What does one do with this information? Easy. Connect the pop star with a rock star, the Middle East’s very own Guitar Hero, Jay Wud

Source: Roy Mrad

In this one-of-a-kind pairing, Jay and Anthony hit the studio where Anthony sang and played guitar on Jay’s track "Evil In Me", found on Jay’s critically acclaimed studio album TRANSITIONS, recorded in 2017 at West Valley Studios, Los Angeles. 

Red Bull captured the magic and the moments that defined this pop-rock duo’s first musical endeavor together.

Enough talk, and peep the vids:

Oh, and when Jay and Anthony were practicing the vocal harmonies, what initially started as a jam, turned into an acoustic version. 

Check out the exclusive footage below...

EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Touma X Jay Wud perform acoustic version of 'Evil In Me'

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