Start packing: it's going to be an experience! 

Nothing is worse than going on vacation only to be flooded by a sea of people. They photo bomb your selfies unintentionally, come right in the (focal) way of capturing that flitting slant of light on an age-old ruin or a scenic view, and turn a rather picturesque place into a loaded train station you'd rather run miles away from. 

Middle Eastern online travel platform tajawal brings you a list of alternative destinations less traveled. You must get on a plane and explore these five hotspots ... before the travel-population amplifies!

1. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Challenge your limits, venture off the beaten track, and explore the heart-shaped Adriatic country. Open your arms to the warm local hospitality and stunning natural landscape, and unravel the hidden treasures in this European destination. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina has some under-the-radar places to visit beyond the allure of the restored cities of Mostar and Sarajevo.

2. Kalanggaman Island (Philippines)

Yes, Philippines is popular and it has its reasons. From the breathtaking idyllic rolling hills of Batanes to the cascades of Lake Sebu, the Philippines is a land of abundance and awe-inspiring destinations that are worthy of a traveler's bucket list. 

But, Kalanggaman Island is an extra special exception. A secluded beauty between Sebu and Leyte, this not-so-touristy isle is recommended for an overnight camp. There are quaint cottages for rent and a mesmerizing lush of palm trees ... just perfect for hammocks.

3. Pantanal (Brazil)

Not as famous as the Amazon, but the Pantanal, the planet's drenched wetland, is quite known for its density of fauna in South America. Located  within proximity of dense marshes and river trails, this place is far away from mass-tourism. 

The dry season - May to October - is the best to reckon since you're sure to maximize your chances of catching a sight of jaguars, fuzzy capybaras, and a giddy flock of butterflies.

4. Bhutan

Nestled in the Himalayas, this Shangri-La-of-a-kind land is quite mystical and pristine with its hillside villages blissfully free of (overwhelming) tourists. 

Thanks to the kingdom's "High-Value Low-Impact" tourism policy, where visitors pay a daily fee, Bhutan has received and created adequate awareness for its guests. Delivering guided micro-size group tours, the policy aims to help tourists grasp Bhutanese culture and values ... all while overlooking the backdrop of mountains, monuments, and monasteries.

5. Dalat (Vietnam)

Located in a remote area of Vietnam's highlands, Dalat's views are  screensaver-material: from waterfalls to pine forests to a limpid lake! 

With its French colonial vibe, the place is the perfect getaway when compared to other cities in the Southeast Asian country. The charming town homes a strewn of farms that cultivate and harvest strawberries, coffee, and flowers in place of rice.

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