To help readers understand the rarity of this event, Dubai rain should probably be added to the seven wonders of the world. At least this is how residents of the emirate feel whenever a drop of water hits their windshield. 

Just a trickle of rain has overly-excited people tweet about leaving work early or going into celebration mode. 

A rainstorm hit the UAE earlier this week, leading to a rain-induced online frenzy. Take a look:

It only took a drizzle for people to go into a meltdown

Rainfall in Dubai = Police warning

Dubai rain announcements are legit

Super legit

"Let those rain photos roll in"

People simply cancel everything when it rains in Dubai

What work commitments?

Rain songs? Yes, please

Yup, rare event

Debunking rumors, one tweet at a time

Dubai rain even reminded British expats of their gloomy towns

Some have grown used to it

Rain does ruin some days, though

"Like someone had once said, 'rain is always an event in Dubai'"