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Grammy-winning artist Dua Lipa recently touched down in Lebanon to meet "children and young people supported by UNICEF" - including both Syrian and Palestinian refugees. 

"You can read about the conditions or see the challenges on TV, but you don't really feel the absolute dire circumstances for refugees from Syria until you see them for yourself," said Lipa.

"But the most powerful thing I saw was hope," she added. 

Lipa then talked about her encounter with a 15-year-old refugee girl who dreams of returning to Syria to start her own makeup beauty salon. 

"Shining a light on our work to protect refugee children"

In a lengthy caption shared on various social media platforms, Lipa calls her experience an "eye-opener."

She was in Lebanon for three days - working with UNICEF - and got the chance to meet children at refugee settlements, and youth training and skill building programs. 

"No family or child chooses to leave their home. They all have dreams. They all deserve equality and a place to be able to live, learn and reach their full potential. I always believe in children as they are our future and we have to take care of them," Lipa wrote

Lipa embraced the traditional "dabke" dance in full-force

"The cutest thing I've seen today"

"Never thought I'd ever see Dua Lipa dancing dabke"