In the last few decades, Egyptian singer Amr Diab set the bar pretty high in the Arab world's music industry. And now, his daughter looks like she's going to do the same. 

Jana Diab is her father's daughter: she's talented, beautiful and she can sing. Only unlike her father, she's not singing in Arabic. She's doing it in English. 

It all started when Jana posted a video to her Instagram account on Jan 2 of her singing a song titled "Mouth Taped Shut". 

The video blew up on the Internet and has since garnered over 20,000 views at the time of writing.  

Jana has a strong set of pipes, and that's no surprise considering who her father is. 

People fell in love, not just with her voice but with the lyrics. 

"Mouth is taped shut, you don't let me speak. You don't let me go, you don't let me breathe.

You manipulate me, tell me I'm fake. You tell me I'm wrong. That's all you say." 

Hearts "melted" everywhere

This isn't the first time Jana boasts her exceptional talent online. Here's an earlier video that will surely win you over.