Did you ever think Arab songs could actually define illnesses? Probably not. 

However, an Arab Facebook page named "A nurse's diary" found hilarious connections between the two. 

In a now-viral post uploaded on the platform over the weekend, it listed a few funny links and they're bound to make you laugh.

1. Who knew that Walid Al Shami's hit could spell cardiac arrest?


"They said it at last, they said I love you. And my heart, heart, heart, stopped after that." 

2. Or that Hussein Al Jasmi's "Bahibik Wa7ashtini" could mean this


"I love you, I've missed you. I love you and you're the light of my eyes. Even though you 'pull my eyes out,' I love you so much." 

3. Amro Diab's song = Deep coma


"I am living and not living and can't stand you being away." 

4. Samira Said's "hawa hawa" means serious trouble


"Air air, air air, air air, filled my heart and eyes." 

5. A new perspective on those Assala lyrics


"If you don't come back crying, begging we get back together, I won't be me." 

6. Seriously, who knew?


"If she hugs me, she breaks my rib bones." 

7. The song that turned out to be about acne...


"In her cheeks, spots of musk grew." 

8. The one that tops them all had to be Najwa Karam's


"My heart is shivering even though I am not cold."