A Saudi father has decided to pay tribute to his home country by naming his first newborn 'Al Saudiyya', in reference to the Saudi kingdom.

In a video that has been circulating on social media, the man, who identifies himself as Ahmad Al Anzi, is seen holding his baby girl wrapped in a Saudi flag. In it, he says, "In response to the Kuwaiti who called his daughter 'Qatar,' I, a Saudi citizen, have named my first newborn 'Al Saudiyya bint Wael Ahmad Al Anzi'."

The video quickly began making the rounds on Twitter, with the hashtag #سعودي_يسمي_بنته_سعوديه ("Saudi names his daughter Saudiyya") making its way to the top trends in the country.  

Some parents decided to take a stand concerning the ongoing Gulf crisis by naming their newborns after some countries. 

Last week, social media users shared a photo of an identity document belonging to a newborn Kuwaiti girl named 'Qatar'. The document reveals that the girl was born soon after several GCC and Arab countries decided to cut ties with Doha. 

This inspired Ahmad Al Anzi to pledge allegiance to his country in a similar manner, naming his newborn 'Al Saudiyya' and sharing pictures of the birth document to prove it.

Source: Twitter

Saudis have mixed reactions

Some applauded his patriotic gesture

"The best name ... she is our daughter. God bless her." 

Others just think it's funny

Imagining the awkward moments the girl is expected to face and feeling sorry for her

How much is too much?

"Express your patriotism some other way"

"No matter how patriotic you are, it shouldn't reach the point of calling your daughter a name that might cause her issues when she grows up. Call her a nice name and express your patriotism some other way."