The Internet is a magical place, but the users are its ultimate wizards. 

Your daily scroll up and down will lead you to places ... dark places - but it is also guaranteed to bring out the trolls with Photoshop skills who will make your day! 

Upcoming Egyptian actor Ahmed Magdy is the latest example. The chiseled-jawed 31-year-old is not only eye-candy, he's also an impressive actor who's gained major publicity this year after starring in multiple Ramadan TV series. 

But we're not here to talk about that today. 

Instead, Magdy's been trending for a whole different reason.  

The actor has recently released a series of photos on his Instagram, which is normal for any celebrity or normal person to do. 

His poses, on the other hand, have invited a collection of Photoshopped images alongside, let's say, some seriously amusing commentary.  

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Maybe another series he should consider joining?

The religious...

Source: Twitter

The doppelgänger, or so this one believes

The confident and the repulsed

The Ramadan-inspired one

Another classic

The sleeping beauty

Oh, Internet. You never cease to amaze us!