London-based food truck trader, The Roadery, is bringing a five-layer, 24 carat gold leaf bun burger to Dubai this February and people are going crazy. 

The "Burg Khalifa" will be served during the Eat The World DXB food truck festival on February 23-25. 

The catch? It costs 230 dirhams, that's $63. 

$63 DOLLARS for a BURGER. 

While it may be well worth it to some, here's a list of other things you could buy for that kind of money. 

1. 15 shatafas

Source: Ali Express

A chrome plated shatafa from Ali Express costs $4.20 ... which means you could easily purchase 15 shatafas that will last you 15 years. You won't need to worry about another shatafa installation ever again. 

2. This Nokia phone

Get on and order yourself this Nokia phone before they go extinct. This soon-to-be-antique will set you back 163 dirhams, leaving you with an extra 67 dirhams. r 

3. 7 single burgers from Salt

An original beef burger from Salt costs 30 dirhams, which means you could buy 7 burgers and keep 20 dirhams for change. 

4. A one way ticket from Dubai to Qatar

Not interested in the festival, perhaps? You can book a flight on the same day (Feb 23), from Dubai to Doha, Qatar, and it will only cost you 235 dirhams on FlyDubai.

Of course, this only applies if you're not planning on returning to Dubai. 

5. 19 macaroons from La Duree

Source: Instagram

A mini macaroon costs 12 dirhams which means you could purchase, well, 19. 

6. 17 round wall clocks

Get on and purchase 17 round wall clocks. What's the point of 17 clocks, you ask? Time will tell. 

7. 15 Lotus Jars

A lotus jar costs approximately $4 ... so with $63 in your pocket you could actually purchase 15 jars - basically your lotus inventory for a year.

8. 72 steak knives


If you're a fan of steak, then what better way to invest your money than in a steak knife? 

You could purchase 12 sets of steak knives (each set comes with 6) on for the price of one burger! 

If you're still craving a $63 burger, then the "Burg Khalifa" is waiting to be devoured ...

This isn't the first time Dubai goes all out on an expensive, meaty meal. 

In 2016, Firebird Diner launched the "Burger Khalifa" - a 500 dirham burger that was part of Burger Domination Week in May.