“I’m covered, I’m Muslim, I’m from a desert country but I’m doing a winter sport, and its fine … there’s nothing wrong with it.” 

These are the powerful words of Emirati figure skater Zahra Lari, 21, who was just featured in Nike’s new women campaign film. 

The film, which is part of a series of others that will be launched later this months in a "big Nike Women’s moment", focuses on female athletes, The National reported. 

Lari, the Emirates' first female figure skater is also aiming to qualify for the next winter Olympics. 

She has broken social barriers –societal, mental and physical- to get to where she is today –and, she’s not about to back down any time soon.

Lari is one of two Emirati female athletes featured in Nike’s women campaign. 

Parkour trainer Amal Murad, 24, is another. 

Murad is the first female Emirati parkour athlete. She is also an extreme-sports pioneer, and a Nike ambassador. 

She is constantly looking to push boundaries be they physical, mental or societal and this video of her training shows us just how serious she is about it all. 

Amal and Zahra are all about #GirlPower, and we're definitely cheering them on. 

Here's hoping they help redefine female athleticism in a mostly male-dominated industry.