Nadiya Hussain, the winner of 2015's Great British Bake Off, has signed an 8 episode series with BBC Two that will be all about finding great British Food, BBC News reported. 

Hussain, a  Muslim British baker of Bangladeshi descent who rose to fame after her win two year ago, has written a cookbook, Nadiya's Kitchen, presented her own BBC documentary, The Chronicles of Nadiya, and has baked Queen Elizabeth II's 90's birthday cake. 

In her previous documentary, she traveled to Bangladesh to track her culinary roots. In the new series, titled Nadiya's British Food adventure, she will be touring different regions of Britain, each episode in a different place.

When asked about the show, Hussain told The Independent, "Our country's regional cuisine is much more than tried and tested traditional dishes." She wants to find the "quirky and clever" chefs who are reinventing British food. 

Hussain is especially excited to meet the people behind the food, whom she calls "local heroes." She's excited to add her own twist to the culinary dishes she finds, and be innovative in her own way. 

While Hussain is certainly making waves in Britain, she is not the only veiled woman to appear in a cooking show in the West. 

Lebanese-American Amanda Saab was hailed as the first hijab-wearing woman to appear on an American cooking show (MasterChef), and while she didn't win, her debut helped fight many misconceptions viewers and contestants had about Islam.