When we think of other languages in the region, we think of English and French. But, a new map created by MoveHub, shows different results, and we're totally at awe. 

While French and English are definitely spoken, the map dispels some common linguistic myths. It also demonstrates the effects colonialism has had on some nations, and the Middle East/North Africa region is no different. 

Here's a look at the second largest first languages spoken throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Source: MoveHub

It's not all French

Source: MoveHub

While most people would think that French is the most common second language in the region, out of 16 countries, it's only present in 3.

Algeria, Tunis and Lebanon. 

Contrary to popular belief, Libya's second most common first language is Italian. 

English in 4 countries

English is also not as common as you'd expect it to be. It's only these countries second language: Egypt, Sudan, Oman and Jordan. 

UAE - Persian?

You would think the GCC (besides Oman) would have English as their second largest first language, but no.

Very surprisingly in Saudi Arabia it's Tagalog and in the UAE it's Persian.

Crazy, right?

Kurdish is more popular than you think

Kurdish is common in Iraq, Turkey and Syria, and is even considered a second language. 

In Iran, the second most common first language is Azeri Turkic, which is Turkish spoken by Azerbaijanis. 

Uncommon Languages

Of the other countries, Morocco's second most common first language is Tamazight, which is a Berber language.

In Yemen, they speak Mehri, which is one of the modern South Arabian languages. 

Arabic as a second language

In these 3 African nations, Arabic is the second largest first language.

South Sudan, Somalia and Chad. 

Maybe plan a trip there next time you're looking for a new adventure!