People in the UAE just love having fun on Reddit and the latest thread on the social platform shows just how much people in the emirate enjoy "forward thinking."

Why? Because Reditors are now imagining a world where a Zombie Apocalypse takes over. 

Where would people hide? Is there a safe place in the country? Will the zombies eat our brains out? How much time do we have? Will the zombies even survive the scorching sun? So many questions... 

UAE residents have it all planned out. Maybe you should take note, just in case zombies invade your country. 

1. Sharjah ... because "even zombies won't wanna go there"

2. Some truly believe a Zombie Apocalypse is impossible ... because sun

3. One person thinks Etihad Plaza in Abu Dhabi is basically a safe house

4. Scared of not having drinkable water during the whole thing? Liwa Oasis in Abu Dhabi is this guy's go-to

5. Others want to camp out in Dubai Mall ... except some think it's already filled with zombies

6. Debates on whether Palm Island is safe enough ensued

Have you made your plans yet?