1. There's always that one Salti person

And they turn up the dance floor like it's nobody's business. Imagine if both the bride and groom are from Salt...THE DISASTER!   

2. Some countries pop champagne. We make Mansaf

You know one of your cousins passed Tawjihi when you're mom pours her heart into making Mansaf.   

3. Are you Jordanian Jordanian or Palestinian/Jordanian?

My dad is Jordanian and my mom is Palestinian so you tell me!

4. Do I leave at 8 or be there at 8?

"Are you sure you're in the car? Honk the horn so I can be sure." You hear nothing and you scream "YELLLLAAAAAAAA"  

5. I didn't break anything!

Nuff' said!

6. A strange relationship with animals

You: Baba can I get a dog? Baba: I have you and your siblings I don't need more dogs!

7. I promise you we are very happy people!

Just give us good reason to smile and we won't let you down!