A viral hashtag that took over Arab Twitter earlier this week asked people to tweet as if they were living in the 90s.

Thousands then started doing just that. 

The result? 

A hilarious yet nostalgic flashback into the long gone era: 

First, this hashtag started trending on Twitter

"Tweet as if you were in the 90s."

And just like that, sleepovers from the 90s were back

So were the 90s' TV sets

As nostalgic as it gets

"Yawmiyat Wanees" had to come back too

Because it wouldn't be the 90s without this ad

Or this cassette player

We're back to 1992

Also known as the hair gel decade

What USB?

The 90s' iPhone

The era's block tool

"Remember this sound?"

Flashback to the 90s' sophisticated jewelry

And its pretty cool games

Back to collecting these

And playing snake

Or "minesweeper"

The era when everything was perfect


Barney's back y'all

So is Crush ...

And this thing we all loved